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Reboot Alberta is better Citizenship to Build A Better Alberta. We see Citizenship as a journey of personal development and growth. We seek ways to make positive pragmatic progressive changes in Alberta's political culture. We do this through the focused power of applied citizenship as individuals or in collaboration with like-minded fellow Albertans.

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Thursday Aug 12, 2021

When a Pollster calls take the time and do the poll. It's a great way to influence things like policy priorities and even agendas. It may even help you make up your own mind and be clearer on your own opinions.

Tuesday May 25, 2021

What has a Candidate for public office done as a volunteer to serve the greater good? Politics often attracts big egos but can those individuals strive and thrive in high performing collaborations? That's a necessity in party politics, municipal and school board governance. How can we assess the Commitment and Collaboration capacity of Candidates seeking our support and our vote?

Friday May 14, 2021

What personal competencies should we be looking for when deciding if a Candidate is worthy of our vote. Elections should not be popularity contests. They should be job interviews for Lawmakers.

Sunday May 02, 2021

Citizenship is about voting. & getting better at it. If voting for a candidate. how do you decided on the correct one? I look for Character, Competency, & Contribution to Community. Here is some of my thinking on testing & assessing a candidate's Character to determine if a Candidate has the personal character qualities to be  worthy of my vote.  I am not just looking for a Politician, I want a Law Maker!

Friday Apr 09, 2021

What's the difference between a Group and a Community? What brings a Community together, and keeps them moving forward? Can mutual benefit activities happen through Community inspite of our tribal polarized partisan political culture?

Friday Apr 02, 2021

What are you voting for? Whom you are voting for? An Aware, Informed, and Engaged Voter will make a positive difference. Voting is to Democracy like water is to soup, necessary but insufficient. Think Inside the Ballot Box and bring your Truth to Power this October.

Saturday Mar 06, 2021

We need to be better at taking up the roles, the responsibility, and our duties of engaged Citizenship.  We need to protect, promote and preserve our Democracy. We must learn how to be purposeful in applying our personal power as Citizens.  We need to get engaged to avoid the current pressure from the UCP for an Authoritarian takeover of Alberta's political culture.

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